Featured Activities

Please see below for further information on some of the groups and activities supported by NoW.

Dru Yoga and Relaxation

In this time of social distancing, when our groups are closed for the time being, Alison Massie (who runs our Dru Yoga and Relaxation group) has suggested trying the following exercises. Those who attend our group may be familiar with them and, for those who find it more comfortable to do so, they can potentially be done sitting in a chair.



Cycling Connections

Cycling Connections leads on all things bike related at Networks of Wellbeing.

Through Cycling Connections we can offer led bike rides, basic bike maintenance classes, talks, and work with young people in a school setting.  The work done through cycling connections has included confidence building for people learning (or re-learning) how to ride a bike; work in secondary schools with young people at risk of exclusion; work with primary schools around bike-ability; talks to groups about our work and the benefits of cycling on mental as well as physical health; and volunteering opportunities for people wishing to regain confidence in their own abilities and to connect with their community.

Cycling Connections also oversees the work of the Bike Shack - a not for profit bicycle recycling activity which supports people on a mental health recovery journey.  This project allows us to accept donations of unwanted bikes which we then repair and service before selling at an affordable price.  It is an environmentaly friendly project and we have sourced ways of disposing of waste from bikes in order to divert it from landfill sites.  All parts of the bikes that we cannot use are recycled and used elsewhere, for example inner tubes from tyres go to a project in Malawi to be upcycled and turned into something useful.

If you would like to find out more about Cycling Connections please call Matt on 01466 793732 or email matt@networks of wellbeing.org