Networks of Wellbeing

Networks of Wellbeing


Cycling Connections

NoW's Cycling Connections and Bike Shack Projects

Cycling Connections - NoW

Through Cycling Connections NoW can offer a variety of community based cycling activities.  

Cycling Connections provides an opportunity for supporting people to regain confidence in themselves and in their abilities and, whist doing so, to provide a service to our community. 

The work done through Cycling Connections has included confidence building for people learning (or re-learning) how to ride a bike; working in secondary schools with young people at risk of exclusion; working with primary schools around bike-ability; talks to groups about our work and the benefits of cycling on mental as well as physical health; and volunteering opportunities for people wishing to regain confidence in their own abilities and to connect with their community.  

If you would like to talk to us about bike maintenance classes, 1:1 cycling confidence sessions, or led bike rides please contact Tim on 01466 793732, email or visit our Cycle NoW Facebook page here.