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What is depression?

"There are times when we all feel sad, hopeless or fed up; it’s part of life. Depression is different. With depression these feelings don’t just go away. They can last for months, becoming so intense that carrying on with everyday life can become impossible."

"Depression is common, and in its mildest form most people can lead a healthy and active life with the right treatment and support. On the more severe end, depression can be devastating and even life-threatening, so don’t go through it alone. Spotting the signs and getting help early can be vital, so talk to someone about it and visit your GP for help."

Taken from the Depression Alliance website (see link below).

If you think you may be depressed it is important to seek help from your GP. Many people wait a long time before seeking help for depression, but the sooner you see a doctor the sooner you can be on the way to recovery.

See below for links to websites which offer a wide range of advice, information and support for people affected by depression.

Moodjuice - Depression Self-Help Guide - A guide to help you: -

  • Recognise whether you may be experiencing symptoms of depression.
  • Understand what depression is, what causes it and what keeps it going.
  • Find ways to understand, manage or overcome your depression.

Clinical Depression - NHS Choices - Information on the symptoms and treatment of depression, as well as life stories from people who have experienced depression.  

Depression Alliance - How We Can Help - Information to help you learn about depression, treatments and recovery.

Write to Recovery - This website is designed to help people affected by mental health problems on their journey of recovery. It invites you to write your stories and experiences – and gives you tools to inspire you.

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